It’s not just the software, it’s the support that comes with it!

It’s not just the software, it’s the support that comes with it!

Here at Cuskit we are all developers and we all know what we are talking about, we are also always just a phone call away for our customers. When buying software for your business it is always vitally important that you check the support you will receive with it, some companies will have a support team that are only available at certain times or days of the week or a support team that is based outside of the UK. So it really is important you check your potential support team before purchase!

Here’s some questions to ask and things to think about regarding support.

The suppliers support staff.

Do you get on with them?

Very surprisingly not many people check this, it’s very very important! There’ll be problems or queries, and it’s important to make sure you find it easy to talk to your supplier. Here at Cuskit we are a small hardworking team with our hearts set on putting the customer first, we are always just a phone call away!

How intelligent are they?

Do they understand when you explain complex elements of your business – is the advice they offer sensible and useful? Here at Cuskit we have over 30+ year’s hands on coding experience, and don’t forget we are the guys who built the system in the first place!

Staff retention?

How long do the staff stay? Technical support is so much better when the person you are speaking to has an in depth knowledge about the history of your software and your staff. Between Aaron, Lee, Adam & Michael there is over 20+ years of staff loyalty!

How many different types of software do they support?

Some support teams may work across multiple different brands, versions and module specifications, this in turn can mean less expertise for your specific software. And after a few months use you and your staff may even know the software better than they do, because you use it every day and they don’t. By contrast, if you can get support from the software author (like us at Cuskit) you will get a much higher standard of support and queries and issues will be solved at a much faster rate.

Can you talk to the developers of your system?

A key selling point to us here at Cuskit, we are all developers and we all work across the systems we have built and implemented. We think it’s imperative that we can offer that hands on support to our customers.

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