Offshore Production
Welder welding parts

At a time when more and more production is being outsourced, it is imperative that control and visibility of both raw material variances and finished product work in progress remains available.

The teqcontrol Offshore Production module gives you the tools needed to underpin sourcing, allowing you to manage your offshore suppliers strengthening your partnerships and controlling your costs.

From experience, we know that no two companies are the same and our team of experts can work with you to tailor this module to your exact requirements.

Offshore Production Highlights

Bill of Materials/Recipes

Bills of materials are created for each finished product with all raw materials and packaging materials that are necessary for manufacture. Alternatively, a BOM for an individual Offshore Supplier can be created allowing variations in the number of raw materials you need to procure for each supplier. For instance, it may be more cost effective for certain suppliers to locally source some or all of the raw materials themselves.

Production Planning Reporting

The comprehensive production planning reports within teqcontrol, allow you to build up a picture of what you need to produce finished products using real time data. This can include actual sales requirements, forecast sales, and minimum and maximum stock levels.
teqcontrol helps to minimise overruns, identify demand requirements and ensure that you meet customer delivery deadlines.

Material Requirements Planning

As an order is raised, the system will produce a material requirement proposal based on the BOM for that supplier. Accurate proposals of what you need to order can be produced instantly from teqcontrol. By taking into account current free raw material stock at your offshore production facility, minimum/maximum levels set up against the offshore suppliers and your own free stock holding, you can be confident that this information is as up to date as possible. From the material requirements proposal you can adjust the order quantities and automatically create the purchase orders, printing or emailing them directly to your suppliers.


When sending a shipment offshore you are required to produce a commercial invoice for HM Revenue and Customs, this becomes a simple task as Commodity Codes, weights and costs are stored against the product and these can be printed directly from the system.

Remote Access

Secure Remote Access to teqcontrol allows Offshore Suppliers, through a secure login, to book in the raw material quantities received on a shipment. As finished products go through the production process, raw material stocks are reduced accordingly to the bill of materials. This, along with producing barcoded product and packaging labels, helps to give excellent traceability and a real-time view of offshore operations.

Despatching finished products

Despatching finished products from the offshore supplier, allows them to record the quantities of each SKU on the shipment. If you utilise the teqcontrol barcoded stocks, the offshore supplier can scan each SKU directly into a box. At this point, the remaining raw materials are reduced and finished goods stocks are updated into an ‘in-transit’ warehouse. This allows your sales office to see exactly which products are on the shipment allowing them to give better customer service.

Receiving Shipments

When Receiving a shipment at your warehouse, each finished item can be scanned and located, or a full box can be scanned in and the system will automatically receive all finished products into the quality control or finished goods warehouse. Alternatively if barcoded stock is not required the number of goods received can be counted by hand and entered into the teqcontrol software manually.

Enquiries and Reporting

The teqcontrol Offshore Production module has a wealth of reports including raw material variance analysis, work in progress valuations, supplier stock valuations and the teqcontrol Cost Calculator which allows you to compare cost breakdowns by Supplier.
Using the teqcontrol Offshore Production module will give you a complete, real-time view of all your offshore operations.

Offshore Production

  • Key Benefits
  • Reduce raw material over consumption
  • Reduce factory down times when raw materials are missing
  • Improved inventory accuracy
  • Accountability at the offshore factory for stock shortages
  • Increase production output, allowing for increased sales
  • Reduce product costs and improve margins
  • Reduce labour intensive tasks by automating processes
  • Shorten supplier lead times
  • Key Features
  • Bills of materials by Supplier to SKU level
  • Identify material requirements
  • Automatically generated purchase orders
  • Customs Documentation
  • Create and print unique product labels
  • Automatic GRNs to match against purchase invoices
  • Automatic calculation of variances for finished product and raw materials
  • Real time work in progress valuations
  • Barcoded finished goods receipts by box or individual item
  • Secure Remote Access
  • Easily compare costs between suppliers