Factory Production

Using integrated software systems can streamline your manufacturing production operations, helping to cut costs and improve the quality of your products.

With full integration to Stock Control, planned manufacturing requirements are taken into account within the stock availability, allowing for more intelligent sales orders and production order interaction.

From experience, we know that no two companies are the same and our team of experts can work with you to tailor this module to your exact requirements.

Production Highlights

Demand Planning and Forecasting

Demand Planning and Forecasting enables you to plan for forecast sales of standard product lines with the flexibility of making to order (for special or contract sales orders). Having this foresight can significantly reduce excess stock levels of both finished product and raw material stocks, and reduce wastage.

Material Requirements Planning

Material Requirements Planning pulls together the product specification, detailed Bills Of Materials (BOM), and stock inventory. The Bill Of Materials is a list of all the raw materials and components required to make one unit of a finished product. Each finished product will have its own BOM. MRP uses the BOMs to calculate the quantities of each raw material and component are required to manufacture a specified number of finished products. By integrating with the teqcontrol Stock and Purchase Management modules, you can streamline processes significantly by generating material requirement reports based on current free stock and minimum and maximum stock holding levels.


All operations involved in the manufacture of your products are set up with standard minute times, which can be used within teqcontrol Cost Calculator and be used to calculate piece rate pay. Works Orders are created from the production routes by factoring in economic batch quantities. Tickets are printed which can have barcoded feedback stubs for each operation within the route. These tickets will follow the product through the factory until it is completed to enable efficient monitoring and analysis of work done against operatives.

Quality Control

By monitoring the reasons why goods are returned to you or do not pass through the end of the production line, you can quickly and easily highlight the key areas which are having an impact on product quality. Re-work procedures allow you to act on quality issues efficiently, helping to improve service and retain satisfied customers.

Work in Progress tracking

Work in Progress tracking enables the real-time monitoring of production by progress points and against operatives. As soon as an employee’s stubs are scanned into the system, the work-in-progress is updated, giving an up to date and accurate report of where products are within the production process, right down to the individual operative who completed the last operation. This is also key when reviewing faults and issues with product quality. Patterns where faults are regularly detected can highlight training requirements for operatives or faults in machinery.

Piece Rate Pay

Piece Rate Pay includes calculations to gross pay, taking into account off-standard time and non-productive payments. This can then be automatically integrated into the gross to net payroll if installed. By Integrating with the teqcontrol Time & Attendance module, you can automatically see any discrepancies in time worked against an employees contracted time. Comprehensive reports and enquiries are available including Absenteeism, Daily and Weekly Management reports and Employee Pay Advice sheets.
The teqcontrol Production module is an efficient monitoring and analysis tool that can pinpoint any areas that may affect product quantity and quality.


  • Key Benefits
  • Reduce product development costs
  • Shorten lead times
  • Improve product quality
  • Reduce raw material over consumption
  • Increase supply and demand accuracy
  • Reduce manual processes
  • Minimise overruns and their associated costs
  • Meet customer delivery deadlines
  • Key Features
  • BOMs to SKU level, including waste allowance per raw material
  • Demand planning
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Material stock control and traceability
  • Piece work calculations
  • Piece work employee and management enquiries and reports
  • Customised work tickets
  • Time and Attendance
  • Absenteeism reporting
  • Work in progress enquiries
  • Work in progress valuations and inventory
  • Quality Control
  • Rework Management
  • Customised Reports