TeqControl ERP Suite
Desktop Compute running TeqControl

Over twenty five years of product evolution have ensured that teqcontrol is the best integrated ERP for your business.

By utilising the latest Windows and Web-based technologies Cuskit Limited are able to offer a fully integrated commercial system which affords your staff, suppliers and your customers an easy, robust and flexible gateway to the information they need. The teqcontrol ERP Software Suite can be accessed from local desktop PCs and laptops, as well as via your intranet and the wider internet – so no matter where you are in the world, your information is only a few clicks away.

The teqcontrol ERP Software Suite consists of a targeted product base which has been developed and refined over 25 years working closely in partnership with our existing customers.

One of the many things that set Cuskit Limited apart from competing solutions is our commitment to innovation. Unlike other solutions, our releases are not necessarily date-driven. While we certainly do plan major releases, we are constantly publishing updates driven by customer demand and evolving industry trends to our customers. We tackle everything from the latest EDI standards imposed by third-parties to new HMRC regulations, like PAYE RTI and Automatic Enrolment.

All of our ERP/PLM solutions are based on our robust flagship software teqcontrol. We then configure and implement the system to match your specific business requirements by writing customised reports, screens and third-party integration tools.

We work very closely with customers to craft new functional requirements, then deliver them not only to the requesting customer, but also to our entire customer base. We do this for a number of reasons. First, we strongly believe, as our customers do, that innovation should be shared to benefit those who can benefit from it. Not all customers will take advantage of these innovations, but they are there if they need them. Second, because we deliver bespoke customer-specific versions of our base code, we are able to incrementally keep each customer in-line with the latest features without any day-to-day user interruptions.

This is one of the single biggest reasons that customers on competing heavily-customized ERP/PLM solutions do not upgrade. Even though they may want and need the features of a new release, the downtime of a major upgrade on competing solutions is unthinkable.