Product & Stock Management
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If you are considering the purchase of a stock control system, make sure you get the best solution for your business.

When recording stock levels, many businesses choose to manually keep records in spreadsheets and other similar processes. As a business grows, manual processes become harder to manage with a vast increase in the amount of stock and supplier information. You may find your staff entering the same data or repeating similar tasks time and time again. The teqcontrol Stock Control module will make duplicated administration tasks a thing of the past, improving the accuracy of the information available to you.

teqcontrol gives you a 100% customisable system, that way you know it will always work for your business as you grow and diversify.

Product Data Management Stock Control Highlights

Stock Control

The teqcontrol Stock Control module will eliminate this additional administration and improve the accuracy of the information available. Your production and purchasing teams can be notified of low stock so they can efficiently maintain appropriate levels. Your sales staff can be immediately warned of any shortages as they are placing an order, which will enable them to provide first-class customer service.

Unique article numbers

Unique article numbers are generated from product attributes and can also be produced as barcodes. Although not obligatory, using barcode systems will greatly speed up all your stock operations.

Hardware Peripherals

teqcontrol can support a wide variety of dedicated peripherals including thermal printers, barcode hand scanners, and other printing and portable devices. With consultation, we may be able to make use of your existing hardware, should you use barcode technologies already.

Warehouse Management

Our ingenious warehouse management system can harness the connectivity of the internet and enable the use of multiple warehouses, in different geographical locations or even countries. Locations within a warehouse are unlimited. The unique article numbering system means that it is possible to know the exact location of an item at any given time. The teqcontrol warehouse management system is always able to evolve to new technology and has most recently been adapted to manage a Kardex warehouse installation.

Product Data Management

Product Data Management is the key to creating new products and becomes your core database from which all other teqcontrol modules will refer to. Products can be set up with an unlimited number of variants to create a product matrix. Measurement charts can be set up as standard and used by any number of different products. Moving stock is as simple as scanning the new location and then scanning the product/box barcode.

Costing Calculator

The teqcontrol Costing Calculator is a powerful tool enabling you to calculate costs and prices for your products. Allowing you to simulate different price/cost scenarios, the expected cost can include purchase cost, freight, manufacturing costs (looking at comparisons between different manufacturers), customs costs, or other expenses that are tied to the product. This is a key tool for keeping your costs up to date, for example, you can flood a cost price update if a freight charge changes and this can be applied across the board or to certain grouped products. This automation of updates not only cuts input errors and ensures that products are not missed, it also provides a huge labour saving.

Product Wizard

The teqcontrol Product Wizard allows you to create a complete new product in a matter of seconds. The wizard allows you to copy from other products allocating a new product code and description and can copy SKU’s, statistical groupings and cost prices as well as all the other core product fields. Products can also be set up as private label, this way the product can only be sold to certain customers or group of customers.

The teqcontrol Production Data Management and Stock Control module can put answers at your fingertips before the questions have even been asked.

Production Data Management and Stock Control

  • Key Benefits
  • Total solution for all your stock adjustments
  • Controls costs improving margins
  • Reduces clerical work and associated errors
  • Shortens lead times by giving reliable forecast of demands
  • Improves stock accuracy
  • Reduces damage and wastage
  • Provides one central data source throughout the whole chain
  • Total integration with other teqcontrol modules
  • Extensive range of stock analysis and reports
  • Key Features
  • Real time Free, Net and Free to Sell Stock calculations
  • Product Management Centre
  • Accurate Product Costing
  • Detailed classification system
  • Unlimited warehouses and unlimited number of locations
  • Detailed pick notes to aid despatch process
  • Guided put-away sheets to optimise warehouse efficiency
  • Perpetual and full stock inventory
  • Produce labels including customer specific labels
  • Stock status/stock ownership recording
  • Min/max stock levels by warehouse and SKU level
  • Integration to third party warehouses (including Bergen)
  • Integration to your Web Shop