Sales Management
Computers running TeqControl Apparel Software

Sales orders are the core of any company, therefore it is critical that the process of receiving, manufacturing and fulfilling orders is both efficient and problem free.

The teqcontrol Sales Order Management module has been developed to allow your sales staff to make thoroughly informed decisions when placing customer orders. Your sales staff have the vital information they need to pass on to your customers, including available stock quantities, ensuring your customer has true information on the number of products they can order. The available quantity is calculated from stock levels held, outstanding sales orders, and purchase & production orders - if there is not enough stock the system informs the user of the next availability.

The teqcontrol Sales Order Management Module helps you to provide high quality products, supporting this through exceptional customer service, enabling your business to grow.

Sales Order Management Highlights

Customer Credit Status

A customer’s credit status can be checked before, during and after a sales order is placed. Customers are validated against their credit limit and payment history. An order can be automatically flagged as held if they have overdue account items, if they have passed, or if this order takes them over their credit limit. If an order is credit held or the customer has been placed on stop the order cannot be picked or despatched until your credit control department has released it.

Article Pricing

The teqcontrol pricing feature allows you to create standard price lists, customer specific prices per product to SKU level, foreign currency price lists and special contract prices. Bulk price changes can be easily applied and future prices can be set up well in advance to be automatically updated on a schedule of your choosing.

Picking and Despatching

When orders are due for despatch an on screen proposal can be used to inform you of order requirements due for delivery, highlighting any shortfalls in stock availability. Picking notes can be produced on an automatic run where any due orders can be fully despatched. Every picking note contains the location of each item required to facilitate picking for the warehouse staff.

Agent Commission

Commission levels can be set up by Sales Agent and to product level, allowing you to offer special commissions per product. Comprehensive reporting is available as standard and customised Commission Statements can be produced and emailed directly to your Agents each month. Sales targets can be set up against each Agent or team member, allowing you to run reports against targets set, actual sales, and orders due for delivery.

External Documentation (inc Automated Emailing)

External Documentation, such as Order Acknowledgements, Despatch Notes, Credit Notes, Invoices and Customer Statements, are all tailor-made with a layout reflecting your requirements. All external documentation can be set up on scheduled tasks to be automatically emailed to your customer. Not only making you huge savings on postage costs but labour saving too.

Web Sales & Business to Business Portal

With a continued growth in online sales, the use of web ordering for both business to business and eCommerce sales is ever more vital to a company. A business to business portal makes it possible to expand the sales network directly to your customers. The customer can login to retrieve vital information about availability of products and delivery times which they can then pass directly on to their own customer. The portal also allows them to raise orders outside of your standard opening hours. The Portal can be made to look as a seamless extension to your existing web page.

Logistics Tracking

Tracking—Third party tracking URLs from major logistic companies can be imported to the system. A double click on a tracking number in teqcontrol will take you directly to the tracking web page for that order. Tracking information links can also be embedded into automated emails enabling the customer to get access to the location of their order without calling your busy support desk.
The management of customer orders can directly affect multiple business operations including production capacity, manufacturing, inventory, and warehousing and can indirectly affect other departments such as customer service and finance. To prevent problems in any of these areas you need the most efficient, accurate and secure solution allowing you to improve your companies profitability and viability.

Sales Order Management

  • Key Benefits
  • Increase sales and market share
  • Improve cash flow and revenue potential
  • Reduce order processing costs
  • Greater customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Increased visibility of your customers buying behaviour
  • Enables effective and efficient order management
  • Improves delivery performance
  • Multi-channel solution
  • Earlier identification of potential order fulfilment problems
  • Key Features
  • Instant/automated credit checks and account status checking
  • Real time order tracking and status reporting
  • Supports a wide range of multi-currency pricing models
  • Helps sales staff to remain in control of each sales opportunity
  • Controls sales agents/reps targets
  • Credit checking can be enabled or disabled
  • Auditable price override facility
  • Order Type Groupings
  • Pro-forma Order Control
  • Order input against product/SKU Matrix
  • Picking proposal detailing shortages
  • Export pick tickets for third party fulfilment (e.g. Bergen)
  • Tailored Order Acknowledgement, Despatch Notes, Invoice and Credit Note layouts
  • Integration to your Web Shop and Business to Business Portal