Consolidating all your organisations IT systems into one brings a multitude of advantages.

Consolidating all of your organisations IT systems into one brings with it a multitude of advantages.

Quite often an organisation will be using two, three or even more systems for their day-to-day business functions. One system is often used for accounting, a separate system used for sales and yet another separate system may be used for manufacturing. By consolidating all of your IT software into one centralised system you will gain a multitude of advantages.

TeqControl ERP, our flagship product, has modules covering all business operations such as Sales Orders, Stock Control & Warehousing, Accounting, Manufacturing / Production, Purchasing, Time & Attendance and Payroll. Customers who have switched from using numerous systems to just TeqControl have seen a drastic improvement in their overall efficiency as well improved reporting and information visibility.

Consolidating all your organisations IT systems into one will give you and your organisation an array of benefits, these include:

More standardised processes. Staff across your entire organisation will be using the same system, with the same processes. Not only will this make training and best practices easier, but there is also an opportunity to reallocate staff more strategically or ease the overhead involved in short term staff cover.

Reduction in maintenance costs. Why pay hardware and licensing costs for 4 systems when you only need one?

Improved reporting. Tightly linked data from all areas of your company can be combined and reported with the click of a button. Need to know which sales order a production order is for? No problem!

Increased security. Instead of having your company data spread out across a number of different systems all data is kept in one system, allowing for easier backup, replication, uptime and maintenance.

Improved customer relations. Having a single view of all customer data speeds up resolution of customer queries or NCRs. CRM has never been so easy!

One single helpline to call. Whether it’s a new and complex report you’d like or an obscure product code from 5 years ago that you only remember vague details for, simply give us a call and we’ll do everything we can to help you get you what you need.

If you feel that your business could benefit from a single centralised system that covers all of your day-to-day operations, then the TeqControl ERP ticks all the boxes.
If, however, you’d prefer to stick with your current financial system, or payroll system, or even ecommerce system, TeqControl can easily integrate with any or all of them – bringing data from each of the separate systems together. As long as the information is available we can work with it!

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