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Highly Conductive Thread, the new Technology for Smart Clothing?

Smart Clothing Thread

Set to push the boundaries in the functionality of smart textiles, the new technology – highly conductive thread.

Highly conductive thread can carry current the same way that wires can. Used to make a circuit by stitching one part of the fabric to another, these threads can conduct electricity.

Sewn into all types of fabric, highly conductive threads can provide functionality across a wide range of industries or in addition, mixed with standard embroidery thread.

This development in nanotechnology and electronics has allowed fabrics to be of use to us in new ways. Which therefore provides added value to the wearer. Advancements like this will transform many industries. For example, medical, military, athletics, extreme sports, and fashion.

Successful attempts to transform functioning outdoor wear to a thermo-capable garment at the push of a button using highly conductive threads is in process. These threads enable digital aspects to be rooted within the garment for example; lights, batteries or small computers.

An example of smart clothing is Google’s Project, Jacquard. This technology has incredible capacity and can make your clothes touch sensitive. Furthermore, creating a phone accessory out of everyday fabrics.

Smart fabrics are innovative as they have the ability to do many things that traditional fabrics cannot.


Introducing the new National Quantum Computing Centre

The Government is set to introduce a new National Quantum Computing Centre. This will be part of a £235 million boost for UK efforts to build the world’s first universal quantum computer.

This aim will put the UK at the forefront of delivering the next information revolution. By employing the power of this extraordinary new quantum-based technology to solve otherwise intractable problems with real-world benefits.

Trusted to bring together the UK’s scientists, the National Quantum Computing Centre will help to develop a new generation of sensing, imaging, navigation, communications and computing devices. Powered by high-speed quantum computing technology.

Experts believe that quantum computing holds the code-breaking and computer power needed to address the security, medical, environment and societal challenges of the future.

With super-sensitive quantum sensors, we will be able to detect structures that we cannot currently see, for example; underground cable networks. In addition, these sensors will take on many challenges such as; mapping the complex interaction of cells in the body or the patterns of complex weather systems.

Announcing the measures, secretary of state for business, energy and industrial strategy, Greg Clark, said; “There is a huge future for cutting edge science in the UK which is why we are investing in ambitious technologies, like quantum, in our modern industrial strategy.”

“Quantum technology has already developed sensors that can visualise the invisible deep underground and see round corners. It makes the impossible possible and now we are backing UK innovators to continue this world-leading work.”

Furthermore, as the new National Centre for Quantum Computing takes shape, it will create new opportunities for industry and the development of a new skill-set geared toward exploiting the new computing power, with public funds stimulating further inward investment.

Consequently, the new National Centre for Quantum Computing will complement the existing technology Hubs. Together they will accelerate the progress towards a quantum computer, which will keep the UK at the forefront of this global race.

Uniform within the Workplace


As many of you will know, when starting your own business, there are certain components that are essential. For example, your brand, your products, your cost etc.

However, there’s always one component that tends to get ignored – workwear.

As your employees are a direct representation of your brand and company you may want to think about this issue and why it is important.

Below are 8 things to consider when thinking about uniform within the workplace:

  • First impressions count –

If you work in a customer facing business, then your employees act as direct depiction of your company and brand. The first impressions they make on your customers will last. In fact, one of the first things they will see from your employees is how they look. However, if you have an appropriate uniform across all of your staff, this will show your existing and potential customers that your employees are part of a professional business. Which in turn will reassure your customers to trust them with their queries.

  • Team spirit –

Work uniforms give a sense of belonging and therefore promote team spirit. This will encourage worker productivity. Putting your employees in a consistent uniform, regardless of their job role, will help uphold a team bond. Which in addition could improve how your employees work together.

  • Promote company pride –

Not only can wearing uniforms promote the business as employees become ‘brand ambassadors’, workwear can also help establish a sense of pride and responsibility within the workplace.

  • Improve security –

By having a uniform within the workplace featuring specific styles or colours can quickly identify who does or does not belong in specific work areas or job sites.

Uniforms also deliver many different functional benefits, such as wearer safety. For example, flame resistant workwear can help prevent injuries caused by accidental electrical arc flashes or flash fire.

  • Improve customer relationships –

Used to identify who can be approached, work uniforms show who company representatives are and who to approach for information. Furthermore, improving overall customer service.

  • Branding –

Branding is an important element of any business. It helps to reinforce who your company is, and the service provided. Branding your employees with your logo on a uniform that corresponds with your company colours can help your business become easily recognisable.

  • Standing out from the crowd –

Having an employee base that have professional uniforms, could influence potential customers away from less prepared competitors in your industry. If a direct competitor has a more casual approach to their staff, then your consistency in branding could give you an edge with potential customers.

After reviewing why uniforms are an important component within the workplace and how it can affect your business, do you think a uniform is suited for your company?


Keeping you Connected with Smart Clothing

Google Smart Clothing

Smart clothing is expected to become $1 billion industry by 2020, a new study has revealed. The news comes amongst a series of new announcements, starting with the updates to Google ATAP’s Project, Jacquard technology.

The first full scale digital platform created for smart clothing, ‘Jacquard’. This technology streamlines the way you access services and information by putting it right into the materials you already wear and use.

Google reports that; “From the very first touch, Jacquard feels familiar. That’s because our focus has always been to add a new layer of connectivity and interactivity to things you already know, love, and use every day.”

Google found ways to provide unique access to the digital world through items that aren’t normally considered to be technology, by starting with raw materials, such as yarns and textiles. This means that your favourite items whether it be a jacket, a pair of shoes or a bag, will keep you connected to your digital life in new, seamless ways.

With Jacquard abilities you can easily interact with the digital world without disrupting what’s going on in your real one.

The Jacquard platform offers an entirely innovative experience. Clothing can now recognise various touch gestures, activate digital services, and respond with light and haptic feedback.

Furthermore, Google wants to weave interactivity into everyday objects by making technology even more personal. The Jacquard gestures and abilities are customisable – this allows you to have control over what gestures you want to use for which services.

In addition, Jacquard Threads and embedded electronics allows connectivity to be possible. Woven using traditional techniques, Jacquard Threads have the weight and feel of normal yarn. The result is a wide variety of interactive textiles that are indistinguishable from regular textiles.

Created to be an integral part of an overall product design process, Jacquard textiles allow for highly reliable integration with embedded electronics.

To keep up with upcoming news from Jacquard technology follow their twitter account.

The Company Recycling Plastic Bottles To Create Sustainable Fabric

Climate change and our impact on the environment are among the most critical issues facing us today.

A shocking 8.8 million tonnes of plastic ends up in the oceans every year ― that’s about the same as a garbage truck’s worth of plastic getting abandoned into our waters every second.

However, this company is one step ahead.

Bionic Yarn, the New York City-based startup, turns used old plastic bottles, some of which were recovered from ocean shores, and turns them into yarns and fabrics for clothing.

In three years, Bionic Yarn has turned more than 7 million plastic bottles into new threads. These threads have then been sold to its partners such as G-Star and O’Neill.

“The oceans need us now,” said Pharrell Williams, artist and creative director at Bionic Yarn.

Plastic bottles are made up of the same polymer as polyester, which allows Bionic Yarn to break them down and remake them into “recycled” polyester. The yarn made from this substance can be used in place of virgin polyester, or new polyester made directly from crude oil.

Timo Rissanen, assistant professor of fashion design and sustainability says that Bionic Yarn is: “On another level,” and also added, “I think Bionic Yarn has already brought a lot of attention to a really difficult issue that we absolutely need to tackle, that is, plastic in the oceans.”

With Bionic’s purpose becoming ever clearer marine and coastal environments are being protected, and local communities are being educated on environmental stewardship.

Furthermore, investments in local infrastructure are being made, waterways are being looked after, and the positive effects from Bionic Yarn are being felt from the ground up.


The Launch of the Mimaki TS55-1800

Hybrid Services, Mimaki’s exclusive UK and Irish distributor, has announced the launch of the Mimaki TS55-1800. This machine is a revolutionary new digital heat transfer sublimation printer that brings high-end features to entry and mid-level markets.

Significant features include one-pass printing at a high-resolution and ink-density, unattended printing with the new Mini Jumbo Roll, and Mimaki’s Nozzle Check and Recovery System for continuous operation.

With the release of the TS55-1800, Mimaki delivers on making high-end digital textile printing features available to a much wider market. Textile experts can now effortlessly scale their operation with an affordable sublimation printer that meets the high quality and fast turnaround times required in the dynamic textile and apparel industry.

“The TS55-1800 is a breakthrough digital textile printer, that will surely cause a stir in the market, it has been designed from the ground up to deliver high quality, industry-leading productivity and an operational cost that will be hard to beat” says Bert Benckhuysen, senior product manager at Mimaki Europe.

Mimaki offers its customers a high return on investment with the TS55-1800 that will be sold at a very competitive price-point.

One of the key features of the TS55-1800 is the optional use of new Mini Jumbo Roll unit that can continuously feed 2,500 linear meters of heat transfer paper to the printer. This will enable customers to substitute Small Plotter Rolls with Mini Jumbo Rolls and benefit from a saving of over 20% in print media cost. Additionally, Mimaki reports that Mini Jumbo Rolls of Mimaki Vision Jet-X transfer paper, supplied by Neenah Coldenhove, will be offered as a package deal with the TS55-1800.

In addition, the printer is fitted with the unique Mimaki Nozzle Check and Recovery System and 10-litre ink tanks, which ensure fail-safe continuous operation for extended operational periods, such as overnight-unattended printing.

As stated by Mimaki, the “TS55-1800” achieves both high productivity and stunning print quality while ensuring reliable long-time continuous operation and cutting the production cost.

Is this the next revolution in textile printing?


Multicolour Embroidery With a Single Thread

The world’s first instant colouring unit, Coloreel, launched its successful product on the 17-20th September for the European market at the fair Avantex in Paris.

This product launch will lead to a massive breakthrough for the business and provide several official sales of the Coloreel unit for all European distributors.

With thousands of visitors at the reception of Avantex to see Coloreel’s instant thread colouring unit and the included colourisation software Coloreel Studio, the idea got many overwhelming and inquisitive views.

The Coloreel unit impressed many people, such as embroidery producers, digitisers, designers and apparel manufacturers including high-level brands and many requests to buy the revolutionary product were made.

Founder and Innovator at Coloreel, Joakim Staberg said: “FINALLY, after many years and so much hard work, we have now launched our first product! The market response is exceptional and it’s very inspiring that people came to Paris from all over the world just to meet with us.”

This momentous product launch was celebrated with Coloreel distributors, leading brands in the apparel industry, partners, end-customers and the Coloreel team.

“I feel proud and happy, all the visitors were impressed, both the ones we have had contact with earlier and the new ones we meet for the first time’ says Magnus Hellström, VP Sales & Marketing at Coloreel. ‘We have every feature people ask for in the Coloreel unit and that feels great.”

The Coloreel unit will bring the embroidery industry to a new level as the Coloreel technology enables high-quality instant colouring of textile thread while it is in the textile production. By instantly colouring a white base thread during the embroidery production, the Coloreel unit enables complete freedom to create unique embroideries without any restrictions in the use of colours.

For the future of Coloreel, shipping of the instant colouring unit will begin in 2019 to customers in Europe, with the USA following. Coloreel’s next step is to increase the distribution in a very quality assured and service-oriented way.

With the outstanding reviews from the product launch of the instant thread colouring unit was a clear indication that the whole world is longing for this product.


How to protect yourself against a ransomware attack.

How to protect yourself against a ransomware attack.

In light of the ransomware outbreak earlier this month I would like to give you some information on how to protect yourself against a ransomware attack.

Firstly, what is ransomware? Well let me take it back a step and tell you what malware is as ransomware is a type of malware. Malware is a software that is specifically designed to disrupt, damage, or gain authorised access to a computer system. Ransomware, is when your files are held to ransom. Ransomware can take over a computer and prevent the user from gaining access to their data until a ransom is paid. Ransomware encrypts data on a computer using an encryption key only the attacker knows. If you want to decrypt them, you have to pay. If the ransom is then not paid, data is often destroyed and lost forever.

As you have mostly probably heard recently in the news, a ransomware attack, also known as WannaCry or WeCrypt, was recently spread across the globe and is believed to have affected 200,000+ organisations. The cyber-attack struck banks, hospitals and government agencies in more than 150 countries, exploiting known vulnerabilities in Microsoft operating systems.

According to the BBC the majority of machines hit by the WannaCry ransomware worm in the cyber-attack were running Windows 7. This maybe linked to the fact that many organisations failed to apply a patch, issued by Microsoft in March, that blocked the vulnerability which WannaCry exploited.

There have also been suggestions that the reason UK hospitals have suffered is because many of them relied on programmes that required Windows XP – a version of Microsoft’s OS that debuted in 2001. Support for Windows XP was discontinued in 2014. Microsoft actually reneges on its own update policy to push out a patch for unsupported Windows XP and Windows 8 to help defend against the ransomware attack.

Here are some ways to protect yourself from ransomware;

Back up your files

The greatest damage a ransomware attack can have is the loss of files, including pictures and documents.
The best protection against ransomware is to back up all of the information and files on your devices in a completely separate system. A good place to do this is on an external hard drive that isn’t connected to the internet. This means that if you suffer an attack you won’t lose any information to the hackers.
Organisations often save copies of their data to external servers that will not be affected if their main network is attacked.

Be suspicious of emails, websites and apps

For ransomware to work hackers need to download malicious software onto a victims computer. This is then used to launch the attack and encrypt files.
The most common ways for the software to be installed on a victim’s device is through phishing emails, malicious adverts on websites, and questionable apps and programs.
People should always exercise caution when opening unsolicited emails or visiting websites they are unfamiliar with. Never download an app that hasn’t been verified by an official store, and read reviews before installing programs.

Use an antivirus program

An age-old computer security tip, antivirus programs can stop ransomware from being downloaded onto computers and can find it when it is.
Most antivirus programs can scan files to see if they might contain ransomware before downloading them. They can block secret installations from malicious adverts when you’re browsing the web, and look for malware that may already be on a computer or device.

Always install updates

Companies often release software updates to fix vulnerabilities that can be exploited to install ransomware. It is therefore advisable to always download the newest version of a software as soon as it is available.

Never pay the ransom

Victims of ransomware attacks are advised to never pay the fee as it encourages attackers and may not result in files being recovered. There are some programs that can help decrypt files. Or, if you have a back up, you can restore your device from that.

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2016 TMT Technology Elite Award.

2016 TMT Technology Elite Award.

Cuskit Limited have officially been selected as one of 2016’s Technology Elite by TMT News.
TMT performed extensive research throughout the UK technology sector and found that Cuskit Limited are one of the top suppliers of ERP systems to a wide range of clients and have consistently shown innovation with their bespoke software products.

Here at Cuskit Limited, all of our work is customer driven – all of our development is carried out with our customers’ needs and wants in mind. Our flagship product, the TeqControl ERP Software Suite, consists of a targeted product base which has been developed and refined over 25+ years working closely in partnership with our existing customers. TeqControl covers a wide range of mix-and-match modules including: Sales Order Management, Product Management, On & Off-Shore Manufacturing, Financial Accounting, Procurement, ManPacks, Payroll and Time & Attendance.

Along with our TeqControl ERP suite, we also specialise in Bespoke Software and Custom Web Design & eCommerce. Whether it’s a website, mobile app, a single user desktop app or a full multi-user system with on-going support – you can trust us to deliver.

“We are delighted to accept TMT’s 2016 Technology Elite Award as a recognition of our innovative products and long standing contribution to the technological development of the clothing and associated industries. We pride ourselves in taking time to fully understand our clients’ business processes by working closely with key members of their organisation. By combining a high level of quality, value and industry knowledge, we are able to deliver the most appropriate solutions to our individual clients, helping them to improve overall efficiency and in turn increase the profitability of their business.”
– Aaron Donohoe, Managing Director.

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Top Five Signs Your Business Is Ready for an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System.

Top Five Signs Your Business Is Ready for an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System.

End of the month financials are becoming longer and more difficult. Sales forecasts tend to be more guesswork than actual figures. You are struggling to match stock levels with order volume, and customer satisfaction is low. If any of these sound familiar, then you should consider an ERP system.

1 Lots of different software is used for different processes.

How do staff record, track and process information? Do the sales and accounting staff use different systems that in turn makes the process of getting orders posted into accounts a lengthy and tedious task? Do warehouse staff also use a completely different system to accounting and sales staff which again lengthens communications?

When various systems are running separately it can cause havoc on business processes. Without accurate data from sales, there will be no way to keep efficient stock levels, if there is any sort of problem with accounting this can cause lots of problems, especially with anything budget based or even payroll!

ERP software brings together and integrates all these systems so every function works from the one database. An ERP system is one source of information that contains accurate, real-time data, helping staff make better more informed decisions and freeing up more working time.

2 You don’t have easy access to information about your business.

What’s your average sales margin? If you don’t know how long will it take you to find out? If you need to manually update and reconcile these it could be a long wait.

The pace of business is faster than it has ever been, this means that staff must have immediate access to key data. With an ERP system in place, a decision maker can get an overview of all business operations at any time, along with other staff who can get the information they need to do their jobs more efficiently. A perfect example of this would be a sales representative should be able to see a customer’s order history giving them the opportunity to upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

3 The accounting process continues to get longer and is more tedious.

An ERP system can ensure that accounts staff don’t waste their time inputting duplicate information into multiple databases. With an ERP system financial reports will be quicker and easier to produce and be more accurate.

4 Sales and customer experience are not what they could be.

Keeping the correct stock levels is key for business growth. When a business is using different software for sales, stock control and customer information it can cause serious implications. If a business runs out of a specific product, sales will be down until the next shipment arrives. If a customer calls to enquire about their order and you can’t let them know if it’s been shipped, or even if it’s in stock your business will start to develop a poor reputation for reliability and service.

5 Your IT systems are too complex and time-consuming.

If your staff are struggling to keep up with multiple systems that are each performing different business functions, an ERP system can solve this! All business functions are put onto one centralised system making things easier and more efficient for staff.

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