Where Does Software Come From?

So, where does software come from?


The integral part of your system is the application software itself – sales orders, stock control, production / manufacturing, or whatever specific software it is. Programmers write the software. Then they sell it to you either directly, or indirectly, through a network that they use. It’s useful to have access to programmers, because they’ll know the software better than anyone else. Here at Cuskit not only are we all programmers but we also negotiate with you directly, cutting out any middleman costs.

Home or Away!?

Whatever potential supplier you speak to, make sure you check where the programmers are based. Are they based in this country? There are 1000s of software packages written in other countries and sold by dealers here. This may be fine, however you should check indigenous products first. This is far from a patriotic duty, however UK products are likely to be produced with the UK market in mind first (UK vat rules etc) All our programmers are based in the midlands, easily within commutable distance to anywhere in the UK. We have a range of UK based clients, these include:

Warewell (UK) Limited
Bell Apparel Limited
Davies Odell Limited
Pantherella Limited

Who to buy from!?

The selection box dealer

Very often you’ll find a dealer who will offer you numerous packages to suit your business so you can choice the ideal one for your company, this sounds great – lots to choose from! However there may be issues for support for each system, and the dealer can’t know all these systems in great depth. It may be a case of you buying a new system and then within a few months you find that your queries go beyond the support team that you are currently dealing with. Here at Cuskit we can deal with such queries and ideas even before the system has been built, to help you with anything from scaling your business up in the future, or potentially adding new modules to the system in line with new product launches.

The programmer dealer

This is a rarity, but some software authors allow dealers to add on potential extensions to the software before it is purchased. In some cases this can work well, however there is a limit to flexibility offered. And you’ll be dealing with the original dealer who didn’t write the software in the first place.

A dealers (strange) reason to choose a dealer

A dealer was once heard talking to a potential customer “It’s always best to go through a dealer because when you are sick of me you can choose somebody else” what? So you mean all my staff will get used to working with one system, become friendly with the support team and then I would choose to use someone else? No thanks.

Reasons to choose a software house such as ourselves Cuskit

Some people do not want anything to do with specifically written software for a variety of reasons. Others love the idea as it fits in perfectly with the company’s needs and wants. In some cases specifically written software is the only choice that is going to be right for your business, it maybe because of certain features you want to use, or you would like the software to have a new version to match your business requirements every so often.

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