Financial Accounting
A man using TeqControl on Tablet

It is fundamental that all departments have access to real-time Financial information, allowing them to make instant and informed decisions.

The teqcontrol Financial Accounting Module allows controlled access for designated users to up to the minute financial information, without having to wait for other departments to get back to them or checking in a separate system for answers.

Financial Accounting Highlights

Multiple Currencies

teqcontrol handles an unlimited number of foreign and home currencies allowing you to set up exchange rates per transaction type and record exchange rate fluctuations automatically.

Nominal Ledger

The nominal ledger is easily posted to by all other teqcontrol modules using flexible integration rules, by batch update or real time transfer. This ensures you always have an accurate and real time financial position of your business. Setting up recurring journals with a specified frequency can save a huge amount of time having to re-key the same journals each week, month or quarter.

Sales Ledger

teqcontrol allows you to email or print customer Statements, Invoices and Copy Invoices. They can also be automated with a scheduled task. The customer enquiry allows you to see all of the information you need in one place. Invoices and Credit Notes can be printed at a click of a button. You can drill down to the original sales order to view vital information from order through to despatch. All critical information is available while you are on the phone to a customer with a query, allowing you to provide them with instant answers. The Aged Debt report can be run at any time giving you a true position of customers who may need chasing for overdue invoices.

Purchase Ledger

teqcontrol allows you to manage all supplier transactions ensuring your cash flow is automated and improved. With a fully integrated purchase invoice register you can ensure that purchase invoices and credits can be posted as soon as you receive them.They will remain unpaid until they have been authorised and matched against system generated Goods Received Notes. The teqcontrol Payment Proposal routine allows you to have any number of different payment proposals open at any one time. These can be for different pay methods and currencies enabling you to see exactly which suppliers and invoices are due to be paid. Customised BACS files can be