Introducing the new National Quantum Computing Centre

The Government is set to introduce a new National Quantum Computing Centre. This will be part of a £235 million boost for UK efforts to build the world’s first universal quantum computer.

This aim will put the UK at the forefront of delivering the next information revolution. By employing the power of this extraordinary new quantum-based technology to solve otherwise intractable problems with real-world benefits.

Trusted to bring together the UK’s scientists, the National Quantum Computing Centre will help to develop a new generation of sensing, imaging, navigation, communications and computing devices. Powered by high-speed quantum computing technology.

Experts believe that quantum computing holds the code-breaking and computer power needed to address the security, medical, environment and societal challenges of the future.

With super-sensitive quantum sensors, we will be able to detect structures that we cannot currently see, for example; underground cable networks. In addition, these sensors will take on many challenges such as; mapping the complex interaction of cells in the body or the patterns of complex weather systems.

Announcing the measures, secretary of state for business, energy and industrial strategy, Greg Clark, said; “There is a huge future for cutting edge science in the UK which is why we are investing in ambitious technologies, like quantum, in our modern industrial strategy.”

“Quantum technology has already developed sensors that can visualise the invisible deep underground and see round corners. It makes the impossible possible and now we are backing UK innovators to continue this world-leading work.”

Furthermore, as the new National Centre for Quantum Computing takes shape, it will create new opportunities for industry and the development of a new skill-set geared toward exploiting the new computing power, with public funds stimulating further inward investment.

Consequently, the new National Centre for Quantum Computing will complement the existing technology Hubs. Together they will accelerate the progress towards a quantum computer, which will keep the UK at the forefront of this global race.