Keeping you Connected with Smart Clothing
Google Smart Clothing

Smart clothing is expected to become $1 billion industry by 2020, a new study has revealed. The news comes amongst a series of new announcements, starting with the updates to Google ATAP’s Project, Jacquard technology.

The first full scale digital platform created for smart clothing, ‘Jacquard’. This technology streamlines the way you access services and information by putting it right into the materials you already wear and use.

Google reports that; “From the very first touch, Jacquard feels familiar. That’s because our focus has always been to add a new layer of connectivity and interactivity to things you already know, love, and use every day.”

Google found ways to provide unique access to the digital world through items that aren’t normally considered to be technology, by starting with raw materials, such as yarns and textiles. This means that your favourite items whether it be a jacket, a pair of shoes or a bag, will keep you connected to your digital life in new, seamless ways.

With Jacquard abilities you can easily interact with the digital world without disrupting what’s going on in your real one.

The Jacquard platform offers an entirely innovative experience. Clothing can now recognise various touch gestures, activate digital services, and respond with light and haptic feedback.

Furthermore, Google wants to weave interactivity into everyday objects by making technology even more personal. The Jacquard gestures and abilities are customisable – this allows you to have control over what gestures you want to use for which services.

In addition, Jacquard Threads and embedded electronics allows connectivity to be possible. Woven using traditional