ManPacks Wardrobe Management
Wardrobe Management from Cuskit Limited

In the work wear market, you are not only providing a uniform for your customer’s staff, you are offering a service that improves their employee’s experience.

Wardrobe Management is based around a wearer database which not only allows you to determine which garments a wearer is entitled to and to build the orders around those wearers, but also to control and monitor despatches, returns and exchanges.

The teqcontrol Wardrobe Management system is an alternative front-end to the standard Sales Order Management and therefore has all of the same advantages including stock integration and availability, tailored documentation, reporting and enquiries.

Wardrobe Management Highlights

Wearer Database

The teqcontrol wearer database is held by outlet, location (delivery point) and wearer. Any number of kits can be set up by outlet and gender and any number of garments can be included in a kit. This is the key to order capture, picking, despatching, invoicing and sales analysis.

Up Selling

Sometimes additional garments and accessories are not covered by a wearer entitlement but could complete their uniform. These can be up-sold, by prompting them when placing an order. The teqcontrol Client Access can list these as extra items and could navigate them to your Web Shop.

Client Access

Client Access via the web, can be tailored to your livery and allows you to customise it to your individual customer too, by applying their logo and colours. The Client Access can even be made to look like a seamless extension of your existing web page. The application allows wearers and supervisors to view garments available within their uniform entitlement, enabling them to simply place orders and view their remaining allowance. This passes the administration responsibility to your customer and in turn, to the individual wearer. This will cut down on your own internal administrative costs and time and also improve the accuracy of the data. With teqcontrol you will no longer be despatching orders based on data which has been input into multiple systems. The wearer will feel in control of their own order and can check on their order status online at any time. This will free up many man hours that would previously be spent answering simple status queries. This leads to better customer service helping to both retain customers and win new contracts.

Pick and Despatch

Picking dockets have a breakdown of garments per wearer which facilitates picking and despatching. You can automatically generate Wearer Bagging Labels and Wearer Packing Lists at the point of despatch along with the standard despatch note. This is especially useful when despatching thousands of wearers simultaneously.

Using the teqcontrol Wardrobe Management module takes your level of customer service one step further in not only helping to retain customers but also supporting your bid for new contracts by adding value to your customers.

Wardrobe Management

  • Key Benefits
  • Reduce administration costs
  • Improve customer service and customer retention
  • Flexible wearer entitlement control
  • Secure online client access
  • Increase your market share
  • Reduce manual processes
  • Vastly reduce customer queries with online order status
  • Key Features
  • Personalised client web access
  • Wearer entitlement by value, points or number of garments
  • Garment exchange control
  • Garment return control
  • Customised external documentation
  • System generated wearer bag labels
  • Stock availability
  • Quick and easy maintenance routines
  • Comprehensive reports down to wearer and SKU detail
  • Client order tracking
  • Can link seamlessly to your existing website