Highly Conductive Thread, the new Technology for Smart Clothing?
Smart Clothing Thread

Set to push the boundaries in the functionality of smart textiles, the new technology – highly conductive thread.

Highly conductive thread can carry current the same way that wires can. Used to make a circuit by stitching one part of the fabric to another, these threads can conduct electricity.

Sewn into all types of fabric, highly conductive threads can provide functionality across a wide range of industries or in addition, mixed with standard embroidery thread.

This development in nanotechnology and electronics has allowed fabrics to be of use to us in new ways. Which therefore provides added value to the wearer. Advancements like this will transform many industries. For example, medical, military, athletics, extreme sports, and fashion.

Successful attempts to transform functioning outdoor wear to a thermo-capable garment at the push of a button using highly conductive threads is in process. These threads enable digital aspects to be rooted within the garment for example; lights, batteries or small computers.

An example of smart clothing is Google’s Project, Jacquard. This technology has incredible capacity and can make your clothes touch sensitive. Furthermore, creating a phone accessory out of everyday fabrics.

Smart fabrics are innovative as they have the ability to do many things that traditional fabrics cannot.