The Company Recycling Plastic Bottles To Create Sustainable Fabric

Climate change and our impact on the environment are among the most critical issues facing us today.

A shocking 8.8 million tonnes of plastic ends up in the oceans every year ― that’s about the same as a garbage truck’s worth of plastic getting abandoned into our waters every second.

However, this company is one step ahead.

Bionic Yarn, the New York City-based startup, turns used old plastic bottles, some of which were recovered from ocean shores, and turns them into yarns and fabrics for clothing.

In three years, Bionic Yarn has turned more than 7 million plastic bottles into new threads. These threads have then been sold to its partners such as G-Star and O’Neill.

“The oceans need us now,” said Pharrell Williams, artist and creative director at Bionic Yarn.

Plastic bottles are made up of the same polymer as polyester, which allows Bionic Yarn to break them down and remake them into “recycled” polyester. The yarn made from this substance can be used in place of virgin polyester, or new polyester made directly from crude oil.

Timo Rissanen, assistant professor of fashion design and sustainability says that Bionic Yarn is: “On another level,” and also added, “I think Bionic Yarn has already brought a lot of attention to a really difficult issue that we absolutely need to tackle, that is, plastic in the oceans.”

With Bionic’s purpose becoming ever clearer marine and coastal environments are being protected, and local communities are being educated on environmental stewardship.

Furthermore, investments in local infrastructure are being made, waterways are being looked after, and the positive effects from Bionic Yarn are being felt from the ground up.