Multicolour Embroidery With a Single Thread

The world’s first instant colouring unit, Coloreel, launched its successful product on the 17-20th September for the European market at the fair Avantex in Paris.

This product launch will lead to a massive breakthrough for the business and provide several official sales of the Coloreel unit for all European distributors.

With thousands of visitors at the reception of Avantex to see Coloreel’s instant thread colouring unit and the included colourisation software Coloreel Studio, the idea got many overwhelming and inquisitive views.

The Coloreel unit impressed many people, such as embroidery producers, digitisers, designers and apparel manufacturers including high-level brands and many requests to buy the revolutionary product were made.

Founder and Innovator at Coloreel, Joakim Staberg said: “FINALLY, after many years and so much hard work, we have now launched our first product! The market response is exceptional and it’s very inspiring that people came to Paris from all over the world just to meet with us.”

This momentous product launch was celebrated with Coloreel distributors, leading brands in the apparel industry, partners, end-customers and the Coloreel team.

“I feel proud and happy, all the visitors were impressed, both the ones we have had contact with earlier and the new ones we meet for the first time’ says Magnus Hellström, VP Sales & Marketing at Coloreel. ‘We have every feature people ask for in the Coloreel unit and that feels great.”

The Coloreel unit will bring the embroidery industry to a new level as the Coloreel technology enables high-quality instant colouring of textile thread while it is in the textile production. By instantly colouring a white base thread during the embroidery production, the Coloreel unit enables complete freedom to create unique embroideries without any restrictions in the use of colours.

For the future of Coloreel, shipping of the instant colouring unit will begin in 2019 to customers in Europe, with the USA following. Coloreel’s next step is to increase the distribution in a very quality assured and service-oriented way.

With the outstanding reviews from the product launch of the instant thread colouring unit was a clear indication that the whole world is longing for this product.